Foreign Embassies in London - the United Kingdom

This website features contact details of all the foreign embassies located in London, the United Kingdom. Furthermore you will find useful consular information related to visa and passport matters as well as other consular information.

As the Brexit approaches the role of especially EU embassies situated in London will gain importance especially when it becomes necessary to apply for a visa when travelling as an UK citizen to an EU country also EU embassies will play an important role in granting citizenship to those who want be able to travel visa free to EU countries. Furthermore The relationship of the United kingdom with the United states will be reassessed and changed as the focus on political and trade will be more focused on the US after the Brexit.

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This website provides the address, telephone and tax number, name of ambassador, opening hours, email addres and website for every foreign embassy mission located in London.

The only purpose of this website is to provide information about foreign embassies located in the United Kingdom. This website is not responsible for changes in embassy contact details, or for any wrong information provided.